Super prime property market in London seeing resilience in the face of Brexit Buyers spent a total of £2.06 billion on super prime properties in London in the year to May 2019. This was marginally higher than a figure of £2.05 billion in the previous 12 months, according to super prime sales market insight report […]

House prices in the UK are still gently falling in real terms

Nationwide has just released its latest house price figures. In October, house prices were 0.4% higher than they were a year ago. Your average UK home will now set you back £215,368 exactly. Prices are rising more slowly than wages or wider inflation. That means they’re falling in “real” terms. To read more please click […]

How death taxes are killing the housing market

Inheritance tax rules are clogging up the property market by stopping older people from downsizing, due to a lack of knowledge about overcomplicated reliefs specifically designed to prevent the problem. To read more please click the link below    

Government ‘should overhaul’ stamp duty to boost housing market

The government should slash stamp duty to help boost housebuilding and encourage people to buy their own homes, a new report has stated. Stamp duty is the second most unpopular UK levy behind inheritance tax, and a gradual rise in rates has meant the average buyer in England pays £2,300 when they buy a property. […]

The housing crisis is at the heart of our national nervous breakdown

If we built the houses we needed, the anxieties and fears that motivated the Brexit vote would at last recede Over the past three years, commentary about the nervous, uncertain condition of Britain has repeatedly veered into questions of “belonging” and community. These things tend to be framed in terms of culture: To read more […]

Opinion: Uncertain times are leading to London property ‘microclimates

The fluctuations and instability experienced by the capital’s housing market continue to be underpinned by, for want of a better phrase, ‘Brexit uncertainty’. A market once dictated by patterns and trends has been shaken by political turbulence, leaving buyers and sellers with little direction on how to navigate it, which is ultimately resulting in inconsistencies […]

How has Brexit affected London house prices?

New builds are the only home type with rises in every borough since 2014 Help to Buy has boosted the new build market but even second hand new homes retain value better than existing ones, according to a new report. To read more please click on the link below

Property in London:slight asking price rise due to lack of supply as Brexit deadline holds nervous sellers back

Asking prices of homes in London have risen £14,577 this month as sellers hold off from putting their homes on the market. To read more please read below

Housing market that makes losers of us all

The impact of 12% stamp duty means the London market has stagnated, argues Hazel Dakers, while Rev Paul Nicolson calls for fairer regulations and land tax Please read more by clicking the link below

In the midst of a lengthy correction

Journalists know that any splash about house prices puts ‘bums on seats’ as it were. This read more please click the link