Housing market that makes losers of us all

The impact of 12% stamp duty means the London market has stagnated, argues Hazel Dakers, while Rev Paul Nicolson calls for fairer regulations and land tax Please read more by clicking the link below

In the midst of a lengthy correction

Journalists know that any splash about house prices puts ‘bums on seats’ as it were. This read more please click the link https://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/comment/2019/10/03/in-the-midst-of-a-lengthy-correction/        

UK house prices fall amid no-deal Brexit fears

House prices in Britain unexpectedly fell last month amid mounting fears over the impact of no-deal Brexit on the property market. To read more please click on the link below https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/oct/01/uk-house-pricesno-deal-brexit-nationwide-london

Homeless Reduction Act

According to Ian Swift, the biggest reason for homelessness is “property, driven by welfare reform”. 1 in 5 of those who are homeless in #Southwark are working, but cannot afford to pay the high rent prices.  There are 11,000 households on Southwark’s social housing waiting list, with just 1,300 social homes to allocate each year. […]

London is Considered The Worst City for Young People to Purchase a Home

Purchasing a home in London is becoming a greater challenge for young people, there are 2.75% fewer young people living in London in 2019 than in 2012. First-time buyers will have to cash out an average of £540K if they were to purchase a home in London. Coventry; Bath and; Somerset; Exeter are ranked the top […]

Future Housing 2019 Conference

The Blue Door Property Guradians team will be exhibiting at the Future of Housing 2019 Conference on the 28th March 2019, at the QEII Centre London. Come along and have a chat with us at Stand 6! Home Page

The Guardian: How sky-high rents forced people into imaginative alternatives

The Guardian reported that renting a property in the UK can be a bleak business. The average monthly rent rose to £932 last month and in London it is even more expensive at £1,588, according to new figures. It is of little surprise then that more young people are choosing to stay in the family home. […]

Moneywise: The ins and outs of being a property guardian

Moneywise explained that the property guardian industry, in which you pay cheap rent to live in an empty building as a security guard by another name, has ballooned in recent years. Property guardians can pay half the market rent.

The Guardian – Property guardian firms are a force for good

The Guardian reported that s ‘If other options (live far away, work harder, pay a larger proportion of salary as rent, have less space) are less appealing than guardianship, that is a result of wider forces that combine to create the housing crisis in this country.