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property guardian registrationComplete the form below to begin the application process to become a property guardian and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to continue your application. Registering with Blue Door Property Guardians, you can save 50%-60% on housing costs compared to the rental market. Property guardians secure our clients buildings by living in them and treating the buildings with respect and care as if the property were their own home. This requires Guardians to be responsible, trustworthy and reliable. During our selection process potential guardians are vetted to ensure they fit our profile criteria and are suitable to care and maintain our clients valuable asset.

We provide low cost accommodation in commercial and residential buildings in exchange for live in property security. Property Guardians enjoy a wealth of benefits working with us to provide security for vacant buildings. As a property guardian, you can save 50% – 60% on housing costs compared to rental market and live in amazing buildings across London.

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