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Property Guardians

Why Guardianship?

Our Property Guardians are clear about why they have decided to choose Guardianship over the Private rental sector.

‘Guardianship saves you 50% – 60% on housing costs compared to the rental market’

‘There’s so much space in commercial buildings..big windows and light’

‘I’ve lived in some amazing buildings..and I really feel part of something good, like taking care of our heritage’

‘I’m saving for a house deposit and Guardianship is brilliantly affordable’

‘Its social and friendly after a day at work’

‘I couldn’t afford to rent from the private sector as I’m studying a PhD. I work from home and provide property security throughout the day’

‘This is my 3rd Guardianship and I really like living in different building and exploring new neighbourhoods’

‘I’m a nurse and my friend in the room opposite is a teacher. There are filmmakers and baristas here too. We work together to keep the property clean and tidy and properly secured’

Guardian Responsibilities

Property guardians secure our clients buildings by living in them and treating the buildings with respect and care as if the property were their own home. This requires Guardians to be responsible, trustworthy and reliable. During our selection process potential guardians are vetted to ensure they fit our profile criteria and are suitable to care and maintain our clients valuable asset.

Guardians must be

  • Over 18
  • EU passport or visa holders
  • In full time employment
  • Provide proof of former address
  • Provide proof of income
  • Provide references
  • Be without dependents

A Guardian’s role is to:

  • Keep property secure and safe at all times
  • Report any maintenance issues so they can be dealt with quickly
  • Keep the property clean and tidy, inside and out
  • Keep to the Terms & Conditions of our legal Contract
  • Be aware of Health and Safety at all times
  • Live and work with others

To assist in the smooth running of our buildings we:

  • Appoint a live in Head Guardian for each property
  • Support the Head Guardian who liaises with managers and oversees Guardians on site
  • Inspect the properties regularly to ensure they are well maintained

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