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Frequently Asked Question


Q. What is a Property Guardian?
A Property Guardian is a working professional who occupies a vacant property under our non-exclusive licence agreement. Guardians live and care for a property as if it were their own home preventing a property from being broken into, squatted, or damaged by anti-social behaviour, theft and arson.

Q. Who can become a Property Guardian?
You can! If you are over 21, in employment and are able to provide character references (one from your employer or client if self-employed, and one from your existing Landlord) 3 months’ current bank statements or payslips and proof of address and photo ID, you are eligible to apply to join our Guardian community. Go to our website to Register and we’ll contact you to discuss the properties we have and arrange viewings. After viewings, we give you a short time to collate the documents we need and then meet with you to discuss our Contract and terms of our Licence Agreement. If you meet our criteria you can sign up as a Guardian and move into one of our properties within days.

Q. What are my duties as a Property Guardian?
You are providing live in security, looking after the property inside and out with others, as if it were your own home. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to be a security guard and would never ask you to put yourself in danger. As a property Guardian you share the responsibility of keeping the property secure, clean and tidy, and reporting any maintenance issues as they arise.

Q. What kind of property can I live in?
Our properties are unique and range from business office blocks, former care homes, shops, listed buildings, converted warehouses and Scandinavian style timber buildings. As part of our guardian community you will share with other guardians, meet new people and forge new friendships. Guardians have created gyms, organic gardens, big screen film nights, planted patios added deckchairs, hammocks and bike racks, upcycled outdoor furniture, created a home bru room using locally grown produce and clubbed together to build an outdoor swimming pool.

Q. How much will it cost me per week?
By keeping our prices affordable and competitive we attract committed guardians who enter into the spirit of guardianship with a positive attitude.
Our Licence Fees (rent) vary depending on location, condition of the property and size of rooms. Be assured you will always get a great deal as Licence Fees are between 30% -50% below market rents!

Q. Do I pay other costs for the living space?
You pay a Deposit (typically £400) and an £80 administration fee. Occasionally, you might have to pay utility bills and / or council tax. Each property has its own terms that are explained to you prior to signing our Licence Agreement.

Q. How long will I be able to stay in the property?

We protect clients’ properties for as long as they require but prefer to secure properties for at least 6 months so guardians can settle in. When properties are handed back to clients we always offer our guardians alternative living spaces if we have any available.

Q. Are properties furnished or unfurnished?
Most properties are unfurnished so you are very welcome to bring your own furniture. We have some great tips for acquiring beds, tables, chairs, etc., at little, or no cost!

Q. Can I decorate the living space?
Some of our properties are listed buildings and it’s not possible to alter rooms in anyway. In other properties we have permissions that allow Guardians to paint walls and make the property their own, within reason.
We have a lot of creative Guardians who are able to transform their rooms and make them look stunning. We encourage a community response to shared spaces so guardians can meet and eat together, feel comfortable and be at home.

Q. Do the properties have electricity, water, hot water and heating?
Yes. All our managed properties have to have adequate standards so you can live comfortably.

Q. Do the properties have Wi-Fi?
No. Due to the temporary nature of their use by guardians the properties do not have Wi-Fi. However, we allow guardians to group together if they so wish to install Wi-Fi and share costs.

Q. Can I share the living space with my partner?
Yes! We have lots of lovely couples in our properties. Couples pay an additional set fee for sharing their room with another.

Q. What are the rules of being a Property Guardian?
Each property has its own Terms and Conditions that cover health and safety issues, consideration of fellow guardians and cleanliness.

Q. How much Notice do I need to give to vacate the living space?
We ask Guardians to give 28 days Notice if they intend to vacate a property.
We give 28 days Notice to guardians if our client intends to take the property back.