Vacant Property Protection

We reduce the potentially high costs associated with squatting, vandalism, fly-tipping, arson and theft.

Property Owners


We work with property owners to ensure their vacant properties are secure 24/7 365 days of the year, working with Guardians that are able to provide security both during the day and night. We offer short, medium or longer term interim security arrangements to fit in with property owners’ future plans for the building.

An initial risk assessment identifies a building’s strengths and weaknesses from which we formulate an agreed action plan and a target date for handover. Your property is ready for Guardian occupation when our Electrical, Gas and Water certification is complete.

Our maintenance team typically install temporary showers and kitchens for Guardian use, and can respond to any necessary or immediate repairs throughout the duration of the time we are managing your property.  We regularly inspect our managed buildings to ensure they meet appropriate Health and Safety standards.

We assist in organising access for our clients or their representatives to visit properties throughout the duration of Guardianship, until handover. Local Neighbourhood Watch groups are informed that Guardians will be present in a former vacant building and share intelligence with Police Community Officers in the fight against crime and anti social behaviour.

Contract Terms

Potential Guardians are interviewed during Induction and taken through our formal Contract to ensure they understand their role and responsibility as a Guardian. There are often specific Terms and Conditions attached to the Contract for each property we manage, and we discuss these with you based on your wishes.

Guardians understand that we are not Letting Agents or Landlords offering traditional ASTs (Tenancy Agreements) but rather a Guardian Company offering a contracted Licence for a non­-exclusive living space at one of our managed properties.

Guardians know that when our clients contract is terminated the Licence agreement with our Guardians comes to an end and they have a 28 day Notice period in which to move out. We endeavour to move as many of our  Guardians as possible into other vacant rooms,  but we don’t guarantee to rehouse any of our Guardians.

Legal Framework

Blue Door relies on our expert team of Housing Solicitors who protect the interests of our business and inform our legal relationship with property owners and Guardians.

Licences reflect current legal legislation and are updated and amended when necessary. All agreements with our clients are processed though our solicitors and formal Contracts agreed and signed. This gives our clients peace of mind about the legal status of their property and clarifies the Licence Agreements.


Facilities Management

We offer a comprehensive range of facility management solutions that compliment our Live-in Guardian services.  From the smallest repair to a major renovation our team of knowledgeable, approved tradesmen will fix up your building to prevent further deterioration through weathering, water ingress and environmental damage.  From key holding and ground maintenance to clearing buildings and deep cleaning we offer you our best value package tailored to save you money.



Health and Safety

Health and safety is the central core of our business and paramount to the professional relationships with property owners and Guardians.

To maintain high standards throughout our managed properties we work with our team of knowledgeable and qualified professionals to ensure a safe, low risk managed environment.

Fire Safety
Blue Door work with our qualified fire safety partners to ensure our fire safety plan meets statutory regulations to keep our Guardians safe whilst they provide live in security for vacant buildings.

Gas Safety
All buildings are checked by our qualified Gas maintenance professionals prior to Guardians moving on site to ensure that any Gas Boiler are regulated and hold Gas safe certification.

Electrical Safety
Our NICEIC contractors evaluate electrical installations and oversee all electrical work carried out on sites to ensure it meets current editions and certifiable regulations.

Water Safety
TVC and Legionnaires are routinely tested in our properties to ensure water is potable and safe for our live in Guardians. Any overhead tanks are drained and water systems connected to the mains supply. Water is heated electrically for both showers and kitchens across most properties.

Property Rates

Empty property rates on commercial buildings cost businesses ££££millions of pounds a year. We can save you thousands of ££££ each month by occupying your property with Guardians before you sell, redevelop or demolish your assets.

Not only is your property protected and secured by live-in Guardians, you are also exempt from many Local Authority business rates with Guardians providing security on site.

Properties usually keep their original status, although we sometimes make cosmetic changes to the internal layout of buildings to accommodate live in Guardians. Our  Guardians are Security guards who live in the building and protect it from squatters, theft, arson, fly tipping and other kinds of antisocial behaviour.

Property Owner Benefits

SAVE ££££££££s on

  • Boarding up
  • Security guards
  • Dog trainers
  • Mobile patrols
  • Wireless security systems
  • CCTV cameras
  • Security alarms
  • Gated systems
  • PIR Steel shuttering


  • Full Vacant Property Management
  • Guardian solutions
  • Monthly reporting
  • Empty business rate reductions
  • In situ within 24 hrs
  • Client access

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