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Frequently Asked Question



Why should I consider using Blue Door Property Guardians rather than traditional 24-hour security guards?

We are one of the few companies that offer a zero cost security service.

You could save more than £100, 000 a year!


Can you provide security for commercial and residential buildings?

Yes, we can! Most buildings are suitable, provided they are watertight, windproof and have a supply of electricity and water.

Don’t worry if they don’t have traditional kitchens and showers. We put in temporary facilities for the duration that guardians are securing your property.


Do I have to register a ‘change of use’ permission for the building?

No. The building’s primary use remains the same.


Are guardians Tenants?

No. Guardians are Licensees and their Contracts are very different from those of Tenants.


Who are guardians?

Guardians are carefully vetted key workers, postgraduates and responsible professionals. Our guardians demonstrate good security awareness, a reliable attitude, a clear commitment to contributing to our guardian community, and a clear understanding of their role.


Who pays for the council tax on residential buildings?

Guardians pay council tax.


Will I continue to pay empty rates on my building?

We have an allocated staff member who can substantially reduce your empty rates liability for most properties.


Can I have access to my property?

Yes. Just give us 24 hrs. notice so we can arrange for someone to welcome you.


How do I get my property back?

Your property is returned to you within the statutory 28 days. We always ensure we return your property clean and tidy.


Who does the maintenance work on the building?

We carry out day-to-day maintenance, but get you involved if here are major works needed.


How many property guardians will secure the building?

That depends on the size of the building. We never ‘crowd’ a building and always keep within Decent Homes standards.


How do you manage the property/the Guardians?

We carry out regular unscheduled inspections to ensure your property is being well maintained and our Guardians are keeping to our legal Contracts. We offer clients a feedback report of visits.


Do you follow statutory Health and Safety regs?

Yes. We are members of CHAS and have to keep within their strict safety criteria.


How long does the process take?

We can have your property managed in a very short time frame.